How To Tie A Scarf: 5 Ways

Scarves are very popular these days and are being worn in every single season of the year, from heavier blanket scarves in fall and winter to thinner linen and silk fabric scarves in the spring and summer. Scarves can be worn with just about anything too. Wear them to work to spruce up your dressy attire, or wear them with your favorite graphic t-shirt for a relaxed weekend look. There are a number of different ways to tie a scarf to change up your look. See below for 5 different ways to tie your scarf.

1. Loop 'N' Hang

Take your scarf and fold it exactly in half. Place the scarf around your neck (in half), then bring the open ends and the loop together in front of your neck. Pull the ends through the loop and let the ends hang. Most scarf types work with this knot.

2. Double Loop 'N' Hang

Fold your scarf in half and place it around your neck. Bring only one of the open ends into the loop. Then take the other open end, pull it through the center of your scarf opening at your neck and then into the loop as well. Both lightweight and heavy scarves work well with this knot. 

3. French Twist (Neck Scarf)

Take a thinner scarf such as a silk scarf. Fold it over and over until it is only about three inches wide. Place the scarf around your neck so the opening is at the front. Then take the ends and wrap it around the back of your neck, and then back again to the front. You will be left with just a few inches of fabric at the ends, which you will tie into a knot. Move the knot to the side of your neck, or leave it in the center. 

4. Wrap And Tie

Pull your scarf around your neck, pulling one end lower than the other. Next, wrap the longer end around the back of your neck and back to the front. Take the two ends and tie them into a knot. You may need to make a few adjustments to the scarf to fluff or straighten it. This type of knot works best with a lightweight scarf.

5. Drape

Fold your scarf in half, then take the opposite corners of your scarf in each hand. Tie the two corners at the back of your neck. You'll be left with your scarf "v" shape. You can move the scarf so it sits more at the side of your neck, or leave it at the center. This works best with a lightweight scarf, although you can also tie a heavier scarf this way as well.

Scarves are a great accessory that can be worn with just about any outfit. Play with the way you tie them for a new look each time you wear your scarf.

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