Super Surprise: Being The Envy Of The Cocktail Party As A Size 20 And Up

If you are a size 20 and up in pants and dresses, you may find that you have less of a selection in the way of dresses. If you have a cocktail party that you will be attending, it may be more difficult to find a colorful dress that is the proper length and in your style. Here are some ways that you can take an average cocktail dress and dress it up to be the envy of the cocktail party. 

Add weights into the length of the skirt

If the cocktail dress that you wish to wear is a little short or daring, you should add weights in the hem of the skirt to keep it down. This way you will not find yourself having to smooth your dress as you rise from a chair, nor will you have to pull the dress down from riding up. Weights can either be sewn in the skirt, or you can purchase clip on weights in the color of the dress to make sure it is weighted down. 

Wear your hair down

While it is completely acceptable to wear an updo to a cocktail party, one of the best ways to frame you face and draw the eyes up is to wear your hair down. Wear a part in your hair and add in smooth, loose curls. This coupled with impeccable makeup will make you look perfectly put together. 

Wear nude heels

Whether you go for a pump or a strappy sandal, you should dress up your cocktail look with nude heels. Nude heels tend to elongate the legs, and will help to give a boost in height to your full figured frame. If you have trouble walking in heels, you can select block heels with a platform. This will provide you with a wider surface to walk on, and make it easier to glide through the party. 

Long earrings are a must

A little bit of sparkle goes a long way. Wear a pair of teardrop or chandelier earrings along with your dress. Make sure that the earrings are not as long as your neck, but come to about the midpoint of your neck. Use diamond earrings or earrings with another precious stone so that it beautifies your look. Your earrings will anchor your face and help to give you a touch of elegance, no matter how much you dress costs. 

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