Two Other Uses For Beer Drinking Hats

If you love an ice cold brew, getting a beer drinking hat is a good way to partake of the bubbly beverage while keeping your hands free to dig into a bag of your favorite snacks or use the remote control to click on the next episode in your TV show binge. Despite its name, however, this type of hat has multiple uses. Here are two other ways you can use a beer drinking hat that will help you get the most out of your investment.

Hydrate While Exercising

While beer is tasty, especially on warm days, they can contain as many as 330 calories per can or bottle, depending on the brand. One way to avoid developing the dreaded beer gut is to get regular exercise, and your beer drinking hat can help you stay hydrated while doing so.

While these hats are made to hold to cans of beer, there's nothing that says you can't put other beverages in the holders. Therefore, one way to easily stay hydrated while walking, running, or cycling is to exchange the beer cans for bottles of water. You'll have access to tasty water without having to carry a bottle or wear a bulky fanny pack.

One challenge you may run into, though, is preventing the bottles from falling out of the holders. You can lock the bottles in place using a little bit of two-sided removable adhesive (e.g. mounting or foam tape). The other option is to find reusable water bottles that sit flush inside the holders or use foam insulators to add enough bulk to the bottles so they stay in place.

Also, you may want to line the hat with some absorbent material that will soak up your sweat as you burn calories.

Constant Caffeine Hit During Marathon Work Sessions

When you must work long hours, having a constant supply of caffeine can keep you awake and motivated. However, constantly getting up to refill your cup can cause you to lose valuable time or an important train of thought. Putting two extra-large bottles of cold coffee in your beer drinking hat can help you stay caffeinated for several hours at a time while keeping your hands free to work on your project.

The only drawback to this idea is caffeine is a diuretic, so you may have to go to the bathroom more frequently if you're not used to drinking it.

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