New To Horseback Riding? 3 Essential Pieces For Your Equestrian Wardrobe

You have finally made good on that promise to yourself to finally pursue your dreams. While you have loved horses since you were a child, you have never had the time until now to really learn how to ride. Spending time with horses gives you an opportunity to expand your love for animals while enjoying the beauty of nature, but you will also need to do a few things before you completely dive into your new sport. As with any new sport, having the proper attire makes you comfortable and keeps you safe. Use this guide to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe that are perfect for horseback riding without going overboard.

Find a Properly Fitted Helmet

Cowboy hats may be worn by actors in movies or show riders, but you should always wear a proper helmet anytime you are working around horses. Begin by making sure that the helmet you choose is ASTM/SEI certified. This means that it has undergone specific testing to make sure that it can protect your head from a heavy blow. Ideally, your helmet should not be bought used, and you will need to work with a professional to ensure that it fits your head properly.

Choose Comfortable Riding Shirts

The styles worn for riding shirts can vary according to your purpose. For instance, some competitions have dress codes in place that require collars. However, horse riding shirts for women who are riding for pleasure can range from short to long-sleeve styles, and you can find an array of materials from which to choose. Look for shirts that allow for flexible movement, and choose a fabric that fits the environment in which you will be riding such as a moisture wicking material if you will be riding in the heat. Horse riding protecting clothing is not something that you want to go without.

Consider Padded Vests

As you explore horse riding protective clothing, you should know that vests can do more than just keep you warm. Today, many equestrian riders prefer wearing padded vests that serve as extra protection in case of a fall. These vests come in different styles that offer features, such as reflective tape for higher visibility and longer backs to protect your tailbone.

Adding a few new pieces to your wardrobe gets you excited about your horseback riding lessons while also ensuring that each ride is safe and comfortable. By protecting your head and back, and dressing in comfortable materials, you can climb on top of your horse with full confidence that you are ready to hit the trail.