Three Uses For Army Surplus Gear

If you have a local army surplus store in your city but haven't visited, it might be time to do so. You don't have to be a military enthusiast to appreciate the selection of military gear at affordable prices. You might initially wonder why you might need military surplus gear, but the reality is that many people can benefit from buying these items for a wide range of uses. Here are three different ways that you can use the apparel and products that you can pick up at your local army surplus store.


Camping gear can often be expensive, and while your local army surplus store might not sell camping equipment per se, it will have a lot of items that are conducive to camping. For example, you can often pick up canteens, mess kits, and other military-grade items that are handy for drinking and eating. Other things, like rope, are often for sale at military surplus retailers, too. Having enough rope is handy when you camp, not only for rigging up your tent, but also for making a clothesline or for hoisting your food off the ground to keep it away from animals.

Working In The Yard

If you frequently find yourself working in your yard, you might wish to invest in some army surplus apparel for doing so. A pair of military pants, for example, are made of thick material that will protect your body whether you're using a weed trimmer or you're gardening around some prickly bushes. Military boots can be handy for a variety of applications, and their waterproof nature and rigid material will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Playing Paintball

For people of all ages who enjoy paintball or other military-style games, a visit to the local army surplus store is a good idea. If you really want to look the part, you'll find what you need at this retailer. You can often outfit yourself completely with the right clothing for your games, which includes pants, shirts, jackets, and boots. Additionally, you'll also be able to buy the accessories that you'll appreciate during your games. For example, you can likely find a holster to attach to your belt for carrying a sidearm, as well as a canteen so that you can carry water to stay hydrated while you play. You may even find military badges that you and your friends can sew onto your clothing to identify yourselves as being on the same team.