Ladies Luxury Resort Attire: 3 Essentials To Pack For Your Tropical Cruise

Ladies, if you are planning to enjoy a resort and tropical cruise vacation, you'll want to bring along some elegant yet comfortable resort clothing. Consider some must-have pieces for casual, sunbathing and swimming, as well as evening wear. Sea Lily is a great place to start for all of your resort clothing needs. To give you some inspiration, here are 3 essentials you'll want to have on hand before you board your cruise ship:

1. Casual Wear Resort Clothing

You are most likely to enjoy warm and balmy weather on your tropical cruise. Choose materials that are "breathable" such as cotton. Begin by establish the dress code set by your cruise line. Then consider a few essentials for causal resort wear: Lightweight shorts with elastic waistband will keep you cool and comfy, as will a breezy sundress. Bring some nice jeans along too, but remember you may not be permitted to wear them in the dining room. As an alternative, choose cropped pants or capris which are stylish yet comfortable.

Sandals or flip- flops are a good choice for casual footwear on the beach. And don't forget to bring along a floppy, wide-brimmed hat or two for sun protection. There are many stylish designs to complement your cruise attire. Also, don't forget to bring along some fitness attire if you plan on participating in exercise classes on board.

2. Swimwear

Swimwear is an important aspect of your luxury resort wear. You will want something stylish yet functional. You can choose one or two-piece styles, but remember to also bring along a cover up of some sort. A spa-style dress cover up creates a nice fashion sense. To cap off your swimwear attire, bring along a roomy tote, and some chic sunglasses.

As a final thought on swimwear, keep something in mind: Use good judgment and discretion when it comes to wearing anything considered "revealing". If you enjoy wearing a string bikini for instance, it's best to do so in a most appropriate area, such as the adults only section, otherwise use a cover up when lounging by the family area where children are present.

3. Evening Wear

For the formal night or two, you'll want a sporty dress or two. Consider a sleeveless maxi dress for warm evenings. Flowing skirts paired with a color-coordinated top can be lovely as well. A cocktail dress or an elegant jumpsuit are other good choices.

Don't forget to mix and match to make your resort wardrobe go further. You might choose heels or ballet flats for your evening footwear choice.