Make The Most Of A Fundraiser: How To Print Shirts That Everyone Wants

Event and promotional shirt sales are a fun way to earn a little extra cash for an organization, school sports team or other cause. It is possible to find affordable custom shirt design services, but the attempt will only be profitable if groups offer items people actually want to buy. Here are some tips that will help anyone to create clothing consumers enjoy and are willing to spend their money to own.  

Have a Variety

Not everyone wears t-shirts. To increase sales potential, offer hoodies and long-sleeved tops with the same designs. Unisex sizes may seem like the easiest way to have something for everyone, but a lot of women prefer fitted tops. Consider adding a few specific sizes for women and children to the inventory. 

Reduce Color Options

Avoid ordering a rainbow of shirt colors and select the most popular colors only. Typically the best selling colors are black and white. Add in a little red and bright blue and there should be something for nearly everyone.  

Keep Designs Simple

Avoid over-complicated or potentially offensive artwork. Unusual niche images or slogans will also only sell to a very select crowd. Appeal to the largest group of people by adding a logo or choosing a design that could appeal to all sexes and ages. Do not include special event dates or other information that will make the shirt outdated and irrelevant in a matter of months.

Sell High Quality

Avoid thin tops and peeling decals in the attempt to make a higher profit. Select high-quality shirts that people will actually want to wear. Choose a design service that produces only top-quality artwork with clear designs that stay in place even after the clothing is washed a dozen times or more. 

These tips will help people that are attempting to sell their shirts during a festival, concert or another event. If the fundraiser is a long term project for the club or group there are ways to reduce the financial risk. Once a design is chosen it is possible to print only a few shirts to use as a display. Work with a design service to create an exciting custom look and ask about bulk pricing to determine the sales goal for the team. This will prevent any accidental over ordering and it will make it possible to offer any color or size desired. This method also makes it possible for groups with limited funds to ask for partial or full payment upfront from their customers to help pay for the order. For more information, contact a business such as makeateeonline.