Three Nautical-Inspired Crafts That Make Perfect Gifts For The Home

Want to give a gift to someone that reflects a love of the ocean? Create these simple and inexpensive nautical crafting projects, and share one with a friend or family member. You can find everything that you will need at a marine supply store or website, and you can find other crafting materials widely online.

Nautical-inspired crafts that are easy to make and fun to give include these three ideas:

Nautical flag wall-art. Create a simple piece of art for a friend or family member using a generic stretched-canvas and some water-based paints. Most nautical flags are basic, geometric patterns, which can be easily replicated- even if you are not an artist! Buy canvases that echo the shape of the flag and use a ruler to ensure clean, straight lines on your gift.

Nautical flag tote. Visit marine supply stores and by inexpensive nylon nautical flags to create custom totes with. Simply buy two of the same-size flags, and turning them inside out, stitch up three of the sides to create the tote's pocket. Add lengths of white nylon rope for handles, and secure with glue or a few stitches.

If you don't want to give a friend a tote, stitch three sides and fill with a similarly-sized pillow form to create a unique, custom pillow. After filling with the form, stitch the remaining end by-hand.

Custom buoy. For a cherished custom keepsake, give an authentic buoy. These are used by fishermen and mariners to identify where lobster or crab traps are underwater. Older ones are made from wood, but most marine-supply stores sell inexpensive foam buoys that float on the water, attached to the trap's line.

Make your own unique buoy with these steps:

  • Buy foam buoys with the handles from marine supply sites or stores.
  • Give the foam buoy a coat of white primer.
  • Use bright, water-based paints to outline, draw, or write a message, motif, or picture on the buoy.
  • These make treasured gifts for housewarmings, weddings, or the holidays.

Consider getting crafty and creating these three coastal home decor projects for yourself or someone special; friends and family will love receiving these personal gifts, regardless of the occasion. Pick up what you need online at marine supply stores, or visit arts and craft sites to find materials to complete these easy crafting projects. Make sure to buy enough supplies to ensure you get to keep one for your own home, too!