Learn How To Have Shirts Made For Children And Staff To Wear When Your Daycare Goes On Field Trips

If you plan to take your daycare on any field trips in the near future, it is important to have T-shirts made for everyone to wear. Having everyone wear the same shirts will make the children who are a part of your group easy to identify and keep track of during the trip. The guide below walks you through the key factors to look for when having the T-shirts created.

Choose Shirts That Are Preshrunk

You want to be sure that the children are able to wear the shirts all year long. Choose to have the shirts made from material that has already been preshrunk so that you can rest assured that the shirts will fit the children even after they have been washed multiple times.

Choose Shirts That Are Brightly Colored

When you choose the color for the shirts, be sure to choose a bright, bold, unique color. You do not want the children to blend in with the crowd so white or black shirts are never a good option. There are now neon colors available that can make finding all of the children in a crowd quick and easy.

Have Your Business's Contact Information Printed on the Shirts

When you have the shirts created, be sure that your business' name and phone number is printed on the shirt. If a child gets separated from the group, someone can call the number that is printed on the shirt to get into contact with you so that you can go and get the child.

Do Not Have the Children's Names Placed on the Shirts

Do not have the children's names added to the shirts. Predators can look at a name on a child's shirt and confuse them when they call the child by their name. The child could be convinced that the person knows them and this could lead to them being kidnapped. By not having any child's name printed on their shirt, you will ensure that no one can know the child's name who does not actually know them.

Have the shirts screen printed long before anyone needs to wear them. This will allow you to rest assured that you have the right size shirts for all of the children and your staff. Be sure to order a few extra shirts so that you can have them available any anyone loses one or if more children join your group throughout the year.