How To Create Your Signature Look For Less

Do you feel like your own personal style has become lost in a closet filled with clothing you no longer love? It's time to reclaim your signature look -- and you don't have to spend a fortune to do it. Here are four tips to help you craft your own personal style for a lot less:

Shop Online Boutiques

When you shop online, not only do you often get better prices, but it's also easier to find a lot of similarly styled items in one place. For instance, if you find one top you really like, you can then use the website's search features to find other similar tops. Add the ones you like to your virtual cart, and then look over them to "cull" your collection, purchasing only the three or four that you like best. Make sure all of the tops you choose have a similar cut and color scheme, as this will ensure your wardrobe maintains a unified, signature look.

Make a List of Features You Love

To help hone in on what your personal style really is, make a list of features you most enjoy in various items. For instance, you can make a list related to shirts, including features like "lots of ruffles," "bold colors," and "buttons." You can make a similar list for pants, shoes, and so forth. Then, when you shop online, you can use these features to guide your searches, ensuring that you are presented with clothing you're going to love. Following this process will save you money by ensuring you don't accidentally purchase items that end up having features you don't enjoy.

Sell Your Older Clothing

To help fund the cost of re-establishing your wardrobe, sell the items you currently have but no longer wear. Not only will this earn you some money, but it will also ensure everything in your closet aligns with your signature style so you don't have to sort through lots of extras each time you get dressed. Online boutiques may want to buy your tops so they can resell them. Some may even accept your clothes in trade for new items.

Ask a Friend For Input

Once in a while, you are bound to come across an item and be unsure of whether or not it fits your personal style. Have a friend help you shop so that when you find items like this, your friend can offer their opinion and help you make a decision. 

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