Tips For Choosing High-Quality, Great-Looking Neckties

If you wear a business suit with a necktie, then you can be assured people will notice your tie much more than they will notice anything else you are wearing. Since people's eyes will be naturally drawn to your necktie while they are interacting with you, it is the most important part of your attire. Since you use your clothing to make a statement about who you are, it is important that you are purchasing ties that send the right message. 

Since you have so many different options while necktie shopping, it is easy to become overwhelmed. To avoid this fate, here are some important tie selection tips:

Tip: Choose a Necktie Made of High-Quality Silk Material

Although neckties are available in a wide variety of different fabrics, silk ties are the industry standard for looks and quality. Natural silk fabric is very durable and keeps its shape even after years of wear. 

Tip: Don't Be Afraid of Bright Colors or Patterns

While you may not feel comfortable wearing a dress shirt in a bright color or pattern, your necktie is a perfect way to add some color and style to your suits. However, you do need to be a bit mindful of the environment where you will be wearing the tie. For example, if you are attending a very important business meeting, then you should stick to solid colors or a classic pattern such as paisley.

Tip: Make Sure Your Neckties Are the Right Width

As men's clothing styles come and go, so too does the average width of neckties. Some years, a thin tie will be the rage and a wide tie will stick out and look very out of style. You can determine the current tie style by looking at the ties men wear on television and current movies.

Tip: Consider a Custom-Length Necktie if You Are Tall or Short

Finally, if you are excessively tall or on the shorter end of the height spectrum, then you require a longer or shorter necktie to achieve the best look. Since it can be hard to find longer or shorter ties in all of the current fabric offerings, you should consider ordering custom-length ties. If you wear a tie that is the wrong length for your body, then it will be distracting to other people, and they could possibly remember you as the person with the "wrong" tie on.