Six Benefits Of Wearing Long Sleeve Performance Shirts

Long sleeve performance shirts are not just for football players. Anybody can buy them and add them to their wardrobes, including women and children. There are multiple benefits to adding these shirts to your wardrobe, and equally as many benefits to wearing them.

They Are Extremely Comfortable

Imagine wearing a hug, if a hug was silky smooth and in the form of a shirt. That is what wearing a performance shirt feels like. The shirts are form-fitting, snugly hugging your body, but with a soft, silkiness that makes you want to relax, rather than perform. People who find that they love performance shirts will just wear them like any other T-shirt and just relax in them.

They Are Ergonomic

You have heard of ergonomic furniture, right? The furniture helps you sit and stand properly. Performance shirts are also ergonomic, except that their ergonomic features are different from ergonomic furniture. In the case of a performance shirt, it is made with very few seams, and the polyester and/or spandex fabric is woven to easily stretch and move in four different directions. You get the fullest range of motion possible so that whatever sport you play, or whatever intense activity you do, you are not fighting your shirt to do it.

Your Body Can Breathe

Breathable fabrics often include natural fabrics like cotton or wool, not polyester. So, how is it your body can "breathe" in a performance shirt? These shirts are designed to wick away moisture from your skin, keeping it dry, so that your skin is more able to breathe. The sweat is not held close to the body where it blocks off the pores of the skin with sweat. Hence, your body can breathe.

Odors Are Controlled

It is a fact; sweating makes people smell quite funky. It is not so much the sweat itself as it is the sweat mixing with the invisible layer of bacteria on your skin and creating the perfect atmosphere to grow the bacteria with every movement, increase in body temperature, and more sweat. It turns you into the perfect Petri dish of funk! With many performance shirts, the fabric has been enhanced with special agents that wick moisture away, destroy bacteria, and subsequently control odors. Of course, you should still shower after physical activity!

Performance Shirts Double Perfectly as Long Underwear

With name-brand long underwear now trying to copy performance wear in both cloth type and design, you can skip buying long underwear and just wear your performance wear under your clothes instead. Performance wear is already designed to keep you warm anyway. When you wear the long sleeve shirts and full leg pants, you will be quite toasty at the office, no matter what the temperature is outside.

The Compression Performance Shirt Is Perfect for Children and Adults with ASD

Children and adults with autism find compression very soothing. It helps them to regulate their actions and focus better. Almost anyone on the spectrum may find that a compression performance shirt feels really good. If you or someone you know is on the autism spectrum, and you (or they) are looking for a less expensive but equally effective alternative to the compression shirts sold specifically for autism therapy, try a performance shirt instead. Just make sure the label and shirt information promotes it as a compression performance shirt.

How to Add Performance Shirts to Your Wardrobe

Performance shirts are sold anywhere sporting goods and exercise wear are sold. You can also find hundreds of online-only stores that sell performance tops and bottoms. Prices vary from a little more expensive for major sporting goods brand names, to less expensive for the generic brands.

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