How To Wear A Flower Tunic Dress For Five Different Occasions

There are some elements of your wardrobe that you just have to love, thanks to your ability to dress them up or down for numerous occasions. One of those elements is a flower tunic dress. Long, breezy, and colorful, it's perfect for a day at the beach, a work meeting, and everything in between! Here are five ways to wear that flowered tunic dress.

To the Office

To make your flowered tunic dress a bit more modest and office appropriate, throw on a pair of black leggings or tights underneath it. For a hint of professionalism, cinch your waist with a wide belt, and then don your favorite pair of neutral brown or tan heels. The neutral shoes balance out the flowers on the dress, making for a more subdued look. If you wear jewelry, a simple silver or gold chain and hoop earrings will do the trick.

To A Concert

If you'll be jumping up and down and singing to your favorite bands, pair your tunic dress with a beaded, hippie-style necklace and a fringed handbag to give it a relaxed, artsy vibe. Flats -- preferably in a bright color seen in the flower pattern -- make for a fashionable statement while also providing comfort as stand on your feet for hours.

To the Grocery Store

The key here is to make the tunic dress look like it's something that you just tossed on -- but that still looks great. Pair it with a long cardigan sweater, casual sneakers, and maybe a beanie if it's cold outside. In the winter, you can trade the sneakers for some tall, furry boots.

On A Date

Yes, that same flowery tunic dress can look enticing and romantic, too! Pair it with a thin belt to give your waistline some definition, and then add a delicate necklace -- maybe one with a single pendant. High heels in a bright color, like red or blue, give you an aura of confidence. Don't forget some bold lipstick to complete the look.

To The Beach

Long, floaty, and free-spirited is the look you want to give off when visiting the beach. Put on your favorite flip flops and sunglasses, and then pull your hair into a bun. Add a broad, floppy hat to complete your beach look. You can even wear your bathing suit under most flowery tunic dresses without it looking too obvious to onlookers.