Are You Going on a Cruise?

Are you going on a cruise? Perhaps you are celebrating a special occasion, maybe an anniversary or a birthday. Or, you might be going on a cruise just for the fun of it. If you've been on cruises before, you probably learned from your previous experiences just what kind of clothes you'll need to take. If this is your first cruise, you might be a bit confused as to what to pack. From shopping for wigs for the cruise to taking the right clothes, here are some ideas for you.

Plan for the Unexpected

At home you more than likely can fix your hair and be ready for the day, right? Things might be a bit different while you're cruising. Think of fixing your hair in the morning, then going on an all-day excursion. Now picture yourself returning from the excursion and realizing you have only a very short amount of time before you have to be ready to look super nice for dinners in the ship's elegant restaurant. Buy a wig!

It won't matter what your real hair looks like when you can put on a wig that will cover the damage that came with your busy day. Think of buying a long-hair wig that can be given different styles. For example, you can wear it straight down for a sexy, sophisticated look. For extra elegance, say for the evenings that are designated as more formal ones, the long, straight wig can be put into a French twist or other fancy up-dos. 

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Pack for Limited Space 

Of course, you'll have a closet and drawers in your stateroom, but they more than likely won't be huge. As you plan your wardrobe, think of how you can pack smart. For example, choose one basic color that you can accent with other colors. Say you pack a pair of black slacks. During the day you can pair those slacks with a cute T-shirt and funky plastic or wooden jewelry for casual wear. Those same black slacks can be turned into an elegant outfit with the addition of a silk blouse and elegant jewelry. Think of clever ways you can wear one piece of clothing. For example, if you purchase a long elasticized skirt, it can probably be worn as a strapless dress, too. Bring pretty shawls or light sweaters for cool evenings and be sure to take extra walking shoes.