Are You Planning A Temple Wedding?

Are you a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? If so, you were probably taught from the time that you could understand important principles that your parents' desire for you would be that you would be married in a temple. There you would be sealed, not only for your married life on earth, but you would be sealed to your husband for all of eternity. Now that you have met the sweetheart of your dreams and you have already reserved a time and a date for your temple marriage, you are more than likely excited to do the actual planning of shopping for a modest white dress that you can wear on your wedding day and when you return to the temple. From selecting the style of your white temple dress to selecting accessories to wear with it, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Style of Your Temple Dress

The only two givens for you to remember when you shop for your LDS temple dress are that the dress should be modest and the dress should be all white — even buttons or lace that are part of the design of the dress. Other than those two essential parts of the temple dress, you can select a style of your own choice. For example, if you have always loved the Victorian era, consider selecting a white temple dress that is reminiscent of long dresses that women wore during that time of history. If you want a more contemporary style, consider shopping for a more simple style. 

Your Choice of Accessories

Think of items you can wear that will become keepsakes. For example, consider purchasing pearl studs for your earrings. Perhaps your mother, your grandmother, or even your future mother-in-law has a piece of jewelry that she has given you to wear during the temple sealing. For example, one of those women, or somebody else that is dear to you, might want to give you a simple wrist watch, perhaps even the one she wore when she was married in the temple. After the ceremony is over and you leave the temple to join friends and family members, maybe on your way to a wedding reception, consider adding some color to your wedding ensemble by including something like pink roses in your wedding bouquet. Another idea is to wear a crown of flowers with the same blooms that are in your wedding bouquet.