All About Beanies — And Why You Should Wear One!

Chances are, you've seen an increasing number of people walking around wearing beanies lately. These brimless caps have a unique appearance, and they are catching on with both men and women. Maybe you've wondered if you, too, should become a beanie-wearer. Read on to learn a little more about beanies and why you should definitely jump on this trend!

Beanies evolved out of the skull cap.

In the 1980s and 1990s, a style of hat known as the skull cap became popular. At the time, these hats were made from four pieces of fabric, sewn together in a way that allowed the resulting hat to be pulled over the head. Skull caps were just long enough to barely cover the tops of the ears when pulled on. People really liked their simple look, but they were mostly popular among those who dressed on the edgier side. 

There was one downside to the skull cap. Because it was so shallow, it would sometimes ride up over the ears. There was not a lot of space inside it for hair, either, so it didn't really catch on with women. That's where the beanie really arrived on the scene and changed things. Instead of being made from four pieces of fabric, beanies are knit in one continuous tube, kind of like a sock. At one end of the tube, there's a drawstring and a button. The button became known as the bean, and the hat became known, therefore, as a beanie!

Beanies are perfect for everyday wear.

Beanies are a perfect addition to your wardrobe. They are casual enough to wear out to run errands, but they won't ruin a somewhat dressy outfit either. Since they are usually sized generously, you can wear them even if you have a larger head or abundant hair. Some women and men with long hair like to put their hair in a pony tail and stick the pony tail through the hole in the beanie. This definitely makes for a fun, relaxed appearance.

Beanies also come in a lot of colors, so you can use them to add a splash of brightness to an otherwise neutral outfit. Do you have a black or brown coat and boots? Buy a couple of blue and yellow beanies, and suddenly you're colorful without spending a fortune on new outerwear.

The beanie trend is not going away, so you might as well join in. Look into options like women's CC solid ribbed beanies to learn more.